Frequently asked questions for the adult training wheels

What are the advantages of these Adult training wheels over the competition?

Basically, it is that you continue to ride your bike as you did before but with added safety. Our product is a suspension system which permits you to slightly lean into curves. Other products are rigid systems which do not permit leaning into curves which are very uncomfortable. Also, tricycles are very large, heavy and very expensive. Our products adapts to your existing bicycle making it a very cost-effective way to add security and stability to your riding pleasure! Also, having back pain, knee problem, hips injuries, stroke, a child with autism; this what you need.

- Assitance for balance issues
- Only company offering Quick Release System
- You can change the level of the wheels when you are more confident
- Only stabilizer wheels for folding bike
- Easy to take on and off
- Easy to place in your car rack, in your garage or in your locker
- Free shipping in North America
- Technical and support service available online and by phone before and after purchase
- Different colors available
- Different adaptation for all bicycle models
- Retailers and distributors availability
- Buy locally
- Suspension coil spring for more support and balance
- 30 days refund policy
- 1 year warranty
- Caring people with special needs
- Feel the freedom of cycling
- May fit on e-bike and electric bike (send us a photo)

Is your products adaptable to all bicycles with gears?

The Adult Stabilizer wheels adapt to bicycle wheelbases of 24, 26 and 28 inches with gears and single speed. The wheels are 16 inch.

The Training wheels for folding bike fit on 20 inch bicycle for juniors and folding bike with gears and single speed. The wheels are 12 inch.

The Kids training wheels fit on 16-18-20 inch wheels bicycle.

How does the product attached to my bicycle?

To install the stabilizer wheels, you have to attach to the seat's post and to the axle.

You have to choose one of these options :

1. 2 nuts for bicycle's rack.
2. The small hole behind the rear break.
3. Quick Release or bolts to adjust the level of the seat​

Here are the options for the rear axle:

1. When there's a standard axle the installation is faster. You don't need to keep the quick release axle. ​

2. When there's a quick release axle, you have to take the long quick release axle included with your order.

We suggest giving that information to our agent to give you some tips for the assembly. Don't hesitate to send pictures of your bicycle by email or to ask any questions by chat or by phone.


What is the maximum weight tested for these products?

Our products are certified for security with EN and JIS Standards.

Adult Training wheels: 300 lbs
Kids training wheels: 70 lbs

How long does it take to take a side wheel off?

Less than 1 minute with the Quick Release Coil.

What is the total width of the stabilizer wheels when installed?

The Adult bike stabilizers and the Training wheels for folding bike and junior are approximately 26 inches total or 9 inches on each side.

After installation, should both side wheels touch the ground?

Yes, both side wheels should touch the ground after installation when having never ride a bicycle before. But, it's easier to manoeuvre when the wheels don't touch the ground.

Moreover, if it's the first time cycling experience, wheels should touch the ground but the wheels can be higher easily with the quick release coil. Thus, the wheels can be pull out when feeling more confident.