Stabilizer wheels for 20 inch bike, folding bike and recumbent ED

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These stabilizer wheels are the only one available online. They fit on a 20-inch bicycle, a recumbent with 20-inch wheels, and a folding bike.

You will renew the pleasure of cycling without paying another bicycle! With the lower gravity and the bracket inside the U-Bend, nothing feels more comfortable and safe. 

 * Intuitive riding experience providing ease of use * 

Tips for parents

Today, children grow fast. It will be expensive to pay a bicycle every year. For that reason we have decided to adapt this system that fits also for a 24-inch bicycle. That's a great deal for parents.


Moreover, if your goal is to remove the wheels permanently you can change the level of these wheels with the quick release coil with a 24 to 28-inch wheels. Children love the design because for the treble clef spring.

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