Get to know us a little better!


EZ Trainer Enterprises Inc. is a Canadian company founded in 1996 that has developed a coil spring suspension system, allowing young and elderly people to discover the benefits of cycling. The flexible spring mechanism was originally designed by a Canadian engineer to allow children to quickly learn to ride a bike.

We soon realized that for many teenagers, adults and seniors who never learned to ride - or who have struggled due to a disability - there was little choice or alternative to standard bicycles. No one wants to handle a heavy or difficult tricyle. They also don't want training wheel that are too small or inflexible. That is why we designed wheels that are perfectly adapted to these special needs. Over time, we have added a quick release system to make transport and storage easier.

Since 2013, EZ-Trainer has been offering stabilizer wheels in more than 30 countries around the world. Its mission is to help people with special needs and balance issue. Our customers are proud to own an EZ Trainer system because the parts are solid and it has an attractive aesthetic. We are constantly receiving testimonials from people who are using our products and who now enjoy riding a bicycle safely. Cycling has become a part of their regular exercice routine.

Our products are available from retailers and distributors around the world. If you do not see our products in your country, contact us about becoming member of the EZ Trainer family.