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May, 2014
Boston's draw
The winners of Boston's 2014 AARP Life@50+ draws are:

1st prize
Mystery Prize, value of $250
Ms. Kathryn Sawitz

2nd prize
$150 in cash

3rd prize
AARP membership subscription for 3 years
Ms. Lydia Willingham

Winner of the free purchased product draw during the show is Mr. Richard A. Sweeney.

Congratulations to all winners!

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20 inch bike training wheels

This product is patented and certified to EN and JIS standards. Easy to install? Very minimal learning or adaption period.

Bike training wheels

This product has been specifically developed for adults who love to ride but with age start losing a bit of confidence on their bicycles due to loss of balance and stabilization and this especially at slow cornering speeds. 20 inch bike training wheelsThis product can also be utilized in the fields of re-habilitation as well as for the handicapped.

Bicycles with training wheels

CP Finish: chrome color and ED Finish: Black chrome color Product comes in one model adaptable to 26 and 28 inch wheelbase bicycles and two colors, ED-Black and CP-Chrome.

Adult bike with training wheels

Other products are rigid systems which do not permit leaning into curves which is very uncomfortable. Product adaptable to all bicycles wheelbases of 26 and 28 inches

Bicycle stabilizers

Attaches to the rear wheel axle and support rods are attached to the bicycle frame. 16 inch side wheels

Training wheels for bicycles

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Integrated suspension providing safety and comfort
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